The wines

A great wine is the result of unending watchfulness, constant questioning and leaving nothing to chance. Perfection is in keeping with every act and gesture.

It is with this philosophy in mind that the Roi family every year makes three red wines, one rosé and one white wine at Chateau Bel-Air :


• Château Bel-Air "Jean & Gabriel" AOC Lussac Saint-Emilion
• Château Bel-Air AOC Lussac Saint-Emilion
• BB Château Bel-Air AOC Bordeaux
• BEL-AIR AOC Bordeaux rosé

You can find more information (on blending, ageing, production,…) about these wines by downloading the technicak sheets available (Please click on the wines listed above).

Awards, accolades and press reviews are also available in the ‘News’ section.